Exercising on the road

Okay so I’m on the move, I’ve been travelling for a couple of months and I’ve neglected my body. Mostly because I’ve been thinking that it is too hard to fit exercise in to my travelling plans. But the fact is that it is really not that difficult. All it takes is a bit of planning and prioritising.

Exercise in unconvetionel places – though you don’t think about it, it is actually possible to do a bit of workout almost everwhere. Because of walking!
Walking is a really good way of exercising and burning calories, because you can do it for a long time withouth getting tired. Walking is also a really important thing to remember, if you have problems losing the last couple of stubborn kilos. If you want to slim down, go for a walk. Not just once a week but 4-5 times a week for 30-45 minutes. Walk to the office, walk your dog, get together with a good friend and go for a talking walk. You won’t even notice, how much you will be walking.
Go shopping or just browsing(if your wallet doesn’t allow it). You walk a lot when you go from store to store, and let’s realize it – you have a good time.
Always take the stairs. For instance last week I stayed at a hostel on the 8th floor – what better way to exercise than to take the stairs? I definitely felt it in my thighs the next day.
Try to walk instead of taking the bus or as an alternative jump off the bus one busstop early and walk instead.
Always bring exercising gear for instance exercising bands – they don’t take up much space and they are really handy for working out your arms and legs.
When/if you go to the beach – don’t lie down, walk along the beach. The sand shapes your legs and bum and you will get a much nicer and more even tan. Maybe take a couple of dumbbells in each hand and walk with them – shape up your arms as well.
When you go in to the water, go for a little swim or walk/run in waistdeep water.

Some final facts about why walking is such a good thing:

Walking boosts your metabolism, improves the blood circulation and you get a lot of fresh air, which clears your mind = Walking is great!

There are a lot of things to do, they do not cost anything and they will help you stay fit or even lose some weight. I personally love walking and the fact that you don’t think about the fact that you are actually working out.

Healthy travelling?!

Right now I’m travelling my way around Australia as a backpacker, and it is great. I have met so many people and seen so many beautiful things.
The only things is that even though you walk around with a heavy backpack, you don’t get much exercise. And I can definitely feel that now after two and a half month. The other problem is that the cheap and easy foodsolution doesn’t agree with my body. I eat bread, pasta and noodles, all full of carbohydrates, and I can feel it. I’m tired all the time, my stomach is a mess and I just don’t feel comfortable.

So that has to end – right now.
From now on it’s more protein (eggs, tuna and cottage cheese) and more vegetables.
Then the exercise of course. I did bring my clothes for exercising, I just have to use it. The good thing is that I stay on the 8th floor – so right there is my exercise. Doesn’t get any easier than that!
Now I just have to fit that in with my struggles with finding a job, but that should really not be that hard.
I will make it work!